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Tanzania is truly a home of adventure that gives a traveler a chance to explore its heavenly beauty of diverse wildlife. Our well designed packages include the following luxury safari, camping safari, mountain climbing and beach holidays. You can choose from the categories below or if you want to customize a package please Contact Us.Contact Us

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Package availability

All our packages are available and can depart any time of the year, except for wildebeest migration packages.

All our packages are available and can depart any time of the year, except for wildebeest migration packages.

Any time is a good time for a safari as we always love to say it in Tanzania. Our packages are flexible and can depart any date, expect for wildebeest migration packages.

 What to expect when travelling to Tanzania

Here are some things to be aware of, which will make your trip more enjoyable. 

Bugs Mosquitoes are mainly a problem during the rainy season – April, May, and November. However, there can be mosquitoes and other bugs all year round. All hotels have mosquito nets over the beds, and tented camps have zippered screen doors and windows. You will still want to bring bug spray, repellant and keep it handy particularly in the evenings.

Hot Water If there is no electricity, there is no hot water in some places. All of the safari lodges (no matter how expensive) are susceptible to a lack of hot water sometimes. While you are in the bush, all the comforts of your home are not necessarily available. That is a once in lifetime experience too. 

Bottled Water Always use bottled water for drinking and brushing your teeth. Hotels will have bottled water available, but it will be cheaper at a store. You may also want to bring a Steripen or filter if you don’t want to buy bottled water all the time to save money and the environment. 

Road Traffic Like everywhere in the world, traffic can be a problem in Moshi, Arusha, and at the Kilimanjaro Airport. Getting places takes longer than you think. Patience is appreciated. (Our new president Magufuli is working hard to build new and better roads for the tourist to access the Game reserve with comfort and ease.) 

East Africa Time Life in Tanzania just moves slower than some Westerners are used to. Be prepared to wait or start preparations earlier than normal. The fresh food is freshly cooked and in 30min max you will get the dish that is worth your money made with fresh ingredients giving you full nutritious food. N.B special diets are available and can be prepared upon request. Please, don’t forget to let us know of your special diet. 

Selling hassles There are many people in Tanzania trying to make a living and barely scraping by. They may bother you while you buy things from them. Be firm and don’t let it upset you. Learning some Swahili can also help. 

Double beds Most mid-range and budget accommodations have twin beds. We can request a double/queen bed, but it doesn’t always happen. Luxury accommodations have more queen/king beds. 

Customer service Like many places in the world, customer service at hotels, restaurants, and shops vary greatly. Tanzanians tends to be slower than what some people are used to. When you are with ‘come and see’ we make sure that you get everything on time and with little hassle. 

ATMs/credit cards ATMs are available in major towns like Moshi and Arusha, but they do not always work. Credit Cards are accepted at larger hotels, stores, and restaurants, but sometimes they are not that is why come and see specialized staff is there to assist you so that you can have the most enjoyable time in Africa with us. We will notify you check in time for hotels and all valuable information you need while accommodating you to hotels listed in your packages. 

Tipping All CSA staff is paid a salary, but tips are greatly appreciated as an act of gratitude. It is helpful and generates endorphins of contentment, peace and love and transforms your experience. N.B: It is no compulsory. Do it if your heart feels like doing so. 

Safety Your safety is our first priority, sometimes we can make decision for you for your safety, pardon us, but we assure you this will be intervene of your space and freedom but actually will make your time more enjoyable. If you are in busy areas of town or on safari during the day, you are generally safe. It is recommended that you keep your money well hidden, do not bring valuables, and do not go out at night alone. 

Comfort Food If you have particular favorite foods, you may want to bring them from home as not everything is available in Tanzania. You may also want to stop at a local convenience store on your trip to pick up comfort foods like chocolate to have on hand.