Destination Tanzania

Indisputably, Tanzania has been placed the Best Natural Tourist destination in Africa by its best natural tourist attractions than other countries in the continent, pulling big numbers of tourists from all corners of the world.

According to international survey released this month (June2018) by an online marketplace for African tours,, Tanzania has been voted overwhelmingly as the best safari destination in Africa, viewed as the ideal getaway for international tourists.

The survey which had involved 276 specialized safari operators, eight (8) major safari countries, 139 wildlife parks and reserves, 2,324user reviews, 756 expert reviews had so far placed Tanzania a number one best safari destination in Africa, said owner, The Netherlands-based Wouter Vergeer.

Game drive in Tanzania

Game drive is done with a 4x4 Safari vehicle with pop up roof, within several reserved park, if you choose to either do camping or luxury lodge safari the activities are limitless, you will discover the beauty of Tanzania and culture. We have collected the best destinations to make your journey memorable our collection include luxury safaris, camping safaris, mountain climbing and beach holidays not forgetting the famous maasai and hadzabe people.

Mt Kilimanjaro, Meru and Oldoinyo lengai

Depending on your preferences you can choose to climb any mountain but its recommended to do Mt Meru and then do Mt Kilimanjaro because climbing Mt. meru will give you the muscles to prepare yourself for the majestic Kilimanjaro and exceed your summit rate. Oldonyo lengai and Usambara Mountain trekking is smooth and requires very little effort but its mandatory for a climber to be physically fit when attempting to climb any mountain in Tanzania.

Beach Holidays

Beach Holidays offers fluid activities after a tiring adventure of game drive and mountain trekking, this is when you relax at Zanzibar ras nungwi beach, do snorkeling or scuba diving. Dolphin tours can also be done in Zanzibar, pemba or pangani.

The culture of Maasai and Hadzabe

Tanzania holds many tribes but among them the most famous are Maasai and Hadzabe tribes these tribes have been living and surviving in the forest for decades which is the reason they still keep their original cultural practices and values to date.

Lets help you decide

We know that travelling to Tanzania can be a doubting at first, your decision can have many self questions, to make it easier we would like to know what you are expecting and give you a thoughtful guide to have that dream vacation you have always dreamed for. You can either customize or choose a package. Whatever you decide to do we always got your back. As we have created a form for you to fill in order for us to help you plan your best trip not limited to the budget you have, time or travel or climate. Wait no more and plan your journey here.

Tanzania is a well known destination